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Confirmation Overview

Hello Families!

My name is Emilia and I'm the youth minister here at Good Shepherd. Let me tell you a bit about our Confirmation program and how it's working in 2020/2021. We recognize that confirmation prep should be about learning the faith, but also living it through involvement with other young people in your parish community. We call it " build the kingdom" because we are striving to build up a community where young Catholics can thrive. 

Confirmation 1 is for students in 9th grade (or above). Students participate in a 6 week block of classes in the Spring. Currently, students may choose between a zoom based class or an in person class that will be held outdoors in the parking lot when the weather is warm enough. 

Confirmation 2 students have completed six classes either on zoom or in person this fall. Confirmation 2 students should also pick a sponsor and a Patron saint. We will have a retreat this spring at the parish with proper social distancing. 

During each year of the program, students are to earn 35 "building blocks" by attending a range of events with the parish. Some past opportunities this Fall included Faith and Science, Faith and Art, and an Advent Bible Study. There are both in person and distance options for earning building blocks. An hourlong event= 5 building blocks.

Leadership and Other Youth Ministry Events


Confirmation should not be the end of our spiritual lives, but the beginning. So what happens once you are confirmed? All Confirmed high school students are invited to join our leadership program. The Leadership team helps put on retreats for our confirmation classes and meets throughout the year for ongoing faith and leadership formation. In addition, all youth group events are open to upperclassmen. Whether its a Bible study or a service opportunity, please don't feel that you have to stop participating once you are confirmed.

We hope to resume service trips and other opportunities when this pandemic is over!

Please direct all questions and RSVPs for Youth Events to Emilia Cowell at [email protected]

  • Please note: the phone number 508-319-1790 is the Youth Ministry number. Emilia is receiving calls and text on this number.

Thank you for supporting Youth Ministry and Confirmation!



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Ideas? Want to get more involved?

If you have any questions, ideas or want to get more involved with youth ministry at GSP, contact: Emilia Cowell, Director of Youth Ministry 
[email protected]

Permission Slip:

A general permission slip for youth ministry events (off-site) is available below:

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