Annual Offertory Pledge Program

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Our Annual Offertory Pledge Program - Fiscal Year 2022

Each pledge that you mail represents an offertory commitment to our parish for the FY’22.  If you have not yet had a chance to make a commitment, please fill out a pledge, write your name on it and put it in the donation boxes by the entrances of the church or mail it to the office.  

You can send your financial support by mail, through our online giving program or directly from your bank.  Thank you for your support to ensure stability and growth for our parish community.

 Witness Talk by Tom Alber, Chairperson of Finance Council. 


Witness Talk by Kevin Murphy, Development Committee Member.

We would like to thank all the Members of the Development Committee for their help to plan the Good Shepherd Parish's Offertory Commitment Program for FY2022. 




 Please click on the link provided to fill out an electronic pledge or print the one posted below and mail it to the Parish Office, 99 Main Street, Wayland MA 01778 to show your support of our parish.  Thank You!


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