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Religious Education Gr K-5


Faith formation at Good Shepherd parish is a family based program.  It is our goal to community with your families as we share faith with your children. The structure of our Faith Formation Programs reflects the goals of providing opportunities for classroom learning, parent education, home study, worship and Christian service. 

Kindergarten-Grade 5 Family Program

Family Teams: Each family is assigned to a team for their class and speakers series.  Families are welcome to attend class with the team that meets on alternate dates to make up missed classes. 


Team 1  meetings will be held on Sunday mornings at St. Zepherin, with Mass at 8:30, followed by class from 9:30-10:45.

Team 2  meetings will be held on Sunday mornings at St. Ann, with class from 9:00-10:15, followed by Mass at 10:30.


Mass Attendance;  Mass participation remains an integral part of faith formation.  Families are encouraged to attend Mass together.  Liturgy guides for children called MagnifiKid are available at both church sites. The Liturgy of the Word with Children is celebrated at both the 8:30 and 10:30 Masses on the weekends of religious education.  This is a wonderful way for the children to engage with the scripture readings at a developmentally appropriate level. 

Community Events:  The entire community will also come together for special events throughout the year. 

Child Safety WorkshopsOur program also includes workshops for parents and children on Personal Safety for Children.  The content teaches children how to recognize safe and unsafe situations and develop assertiveness and safety skills to help them to speak up and access help.  The dates for these workshops will be published in the 2016-17 calendar.  

General Information

Communication: We try to communicate with our families using as little paper as possible.  All of our communication through the year will be done by email.  We will be sending out an email reminder notice for the first day of class during the week prior. This will serve as a test of our email database. Please contact the office if you do not receive an email from us to make sure that we have your correct address.

Weather Cancellation: In the event of inclement weather, cancellation information for faith formation team meetings will be posted on the following channels/radio stations: WCVB Channel 5, WHDH Channels 7 and 56, WBZ Channel 4 and WBZ radio 1030 

You can register for an alert to be sent to your cell phone by registering at www.whdh.com and click on "Snow Day Alert."  We are listed as Good Shepherd Parish, Wayland. If we are able to have access to our database, we will also try to send an email alert in the case of a cancellation.



We look forward to working with you and with your children.  Feel free to be in touch with our staff if you have any questions or would like to share any ideas. 

K-5 Religious Education Calendar 2017-2018

Team 1 Calendar 2017-2018

Team 2 Calendar 2017-2018


Sue Muldoon
Director of Religious Education

Kelly McPherson
Coordinator of Religious Education

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Weekend Masses
Sat at 4 pm St Ann
8:30am St Zepherin 
10:30am  St Ann 
*5:00pm St Zepherin 
*resumes September 10, 2017